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The AMD EPYC™ 9454P processor boasts up to 3.8GHz clock speed and 40 cores, delivering unparalleled performance for demanding workloads and applications.

Enhanced Memory Performance

The 128 GB DDR5 ECC RAM ensures smooth and responsive performance, even under heavy workloads, providing the necessary memory bandwidth and capacity for resource-intensive applications.


AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology enhances virtualization performance, allowing for efficient deployment and management of virtualized environments, ideal for businesses requiring scalable and flexible infrastructure solutions.


With Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) technology, this dedicated server can efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously, maximizing productivity and efficiency.


From data analytics and AI workloads to web hosting and virtualization, this dedicated server is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of business applications, making it an ideal choice for various industries and use cases.

Reliability and
Data Integrity

The DDR5 ECC memory ensures data integrity and reliability by detecting and correcting errors in real-time, minimizing the risk of data corruption and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Pricing Plans

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Genoa Zen4


/ month

Vector 5Up to 3.8GHz, 40 Cores
Vector 5128 GB DDR5 ECC RAM
Upgradeable to 1152 GB DDR5 ECC (at extra cost)

Vector 52×1.92 TB Gen 4 Storage
Optionally configurable (at extra cost)

Vector 5Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT)
Vector 5AMD Virtualization (AMD-V)



Genoa Zen4


/ month

Vector 6Up to 3.8GHz, 40 Cores
Vector 6256 GB DDR5 ECC RAM
Upgradeable to 1152 GB DDR5 ECC (at extra cost)

Vector 62×1.92 TB Gen 4 Storage
Optionally configurable (at extra cost)

Vector 6Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT)
Vector 6AMD Virtualization (AMD-V)



Group 4

Easily Upgradable

Easily upgrade / downgrade your resources as your needs change, making it easy to handle increased traffic or add more applications and services as your business grows.

Group 4

Dedicated IP

Our VPS includes a dedicated IP address, that allows for a unique online identity for the user. Moreover, the IP address in the VPS is 100% fresh.

Group 4

DDoS Protection

With this built-in feature, data of the users is protected from DDoS attacks. Users can have peace of mind that their data will remain protected in case of any DDoS attack.

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Admin Access

Complete control over the server and make any changes you need without restrictions. This includes installing software, modifying system settings and much more.

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Dedicated Resources

You are allocated a set of dedicated resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage, which are not shared with other users. This way, you will have full control over these resources.

Group 4

Control Panel

Free VPS control panel that allows users to manage their VPS and perform a variety of tasks i.e. restart or shutdown the VPS, reinstall the OS, monitor usage resources, etc.

Use Cases

Explore the Uses of AMD EPYC™ 9454P

Virtualization and Cloud Computing
With 40 cores and ample RAM, this server could be used to host multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously, making it ideal for cloud computing environments or virtualized infrastructure.
Data Mining and Machine Learning
The high core count and memory capacity make this server suitable for handling big data processing tasks, such as real-time analytics, data mining, and machine learning.
High-Performance Computing (HPC)
This server could be utilized for scientific simulations, computational fluid dynamics, weather modeling, and other HPC applications that require significant computational power.
Database Hosting
The server’s fast storage and processing capabilities make it suitable for hosting large databases, handling high volumes of transactions, handling numerous queries concurrently, and supporting data-intensive applications.
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
With its high core count and storage capacity, this server could serve as a node in a CDN, distributing content efficiently to users worldwide.
Game Servers
The server’s robust hardware specifications make it suitable for hosting multiplayer game servers, capable of handling numerous concurrent players and complex game logic.
Web Hosting and Application Hosting
This server could host high-traffic websites, web applications, and e-commerce platforms, providing fast response times and scalability to handle spikes in traffic.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
It could be partitioned into multiple VPS instances, offering users dedicated resources for hosting websites, applications, or development environments.
Media Streaming
The server’s processing power and storage capacity make it suitable for hosting media streaming services, delivering high-quality video and audio content to users.
DevOps and CI/CD
The server could serve as a powerful CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) server, automating software builds, tests, and deployments for development teams.
and much more…
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David Lynwood

Vector 8

Very nice and fast delivery, vps running good and price compare to other is very cheap, I hope in future I order from HomeRDP.

David Lynwood

Vector 8

Very nice and fast delivery, vps running good and price compare to other is very cheap, I hope in future I order from HomeRDP.

David Lynwood

Vector 8

Very nice and fast delivery, vps running good and price compare to other is very cheap, I hope in future I order from HomeRDP.

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We are here to provide you with the best customer service possible and we will work attentively to resolve any issues you may be having.

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What is Genoa Zen4, and how does it differ from previous generations?
Genoa Zen4 is AMD’s next-gen EPYC™ processors, boasting advancements in performance, efficiency, and features over previous generations. With improved core design, cache hierarchy, and IPC, it offers higher performance and better power efficiency for demanding server workloads.
What are the key features and benefits of Genoa Zen4 processors?
Genoa Zen4 processors feature increased core counts, higher clock speeds, improved cache, and enhanced security. They leverage advanced manufacturing for higher performance per watt, supporting next-gen technologies like DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5, and advanced security, catering to the evolving needs of modern data centers.
Why is DDR5 ECC RAM important?
DDR5 ECC RAM is important because it detects and corrects memory errors in real-time, ensuring data integrity, system reliability, and stability, especially in mission-critical server and workstation environments.
What are the benefits of Gen 4 Storage?
Gen 4 Storage utilizes the latest technology, providing faster access to data and improving overall system responsiveness.
Can I upgrade or customize this plan to meet specific requirements?
Yes, we offer flexibility in upgrading or customizing your plan to suit your needs. Whether you need additional storage, more RAM, or specific software configurations, our team can work with you to tailor the plan to your requirements.
What level of security measures are in place to protect my data and applications?
We employ advanced security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, regular security updates, and data encryption, to safeguard your data and applications against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Is there a money-back guarantee or trial period for this plan?
Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your hosting experience. If you are not completely satisfied within the specified trial period, you can request a refund.
How do I get started with this plan?
Getting started is easy! Simply select the plan that suits your needs, complete the order process, and our team will set up your server promptly. You’ll receive login credentials and access instructions to begin using your server.
What operating systems are compatible with this plan?
This plan supports a wide range of operating systems, including popular choices like Windows Server, various Linux distributions, and more.
What kind of data center facilities host this plan?
This plan is hosted in state-of-the-art data center facilities with robust security measures, redundant power, and cooling systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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