USA Dedicated Server

Buy USA Dedicated Server With Pre-Installed IDM and Private Storage

Germany & Finland Cheap RDP Location Available, With All Basic Application Installed For additional application contact support via ticket.

Virtual Server Hosting With Fast Performance

Pay one price and get it all. Included with each VPS plan are SSDs, email, NVMe Storage, privacy and many other powerful features.


Dedicated Resources to VPS

All resources belong to you, including CPU, RAM, and disk space. You don’t have to worry about other users’ website traffic affecting your site’s performance. VPS hosting is cost-effective and stable. It is often a top choice for hosting websites and online applications.


Full Control and Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of virtual server hosting and complete control over your operating system. Full admin/root access lets you configure your server environment and decide how to allocate resources as needed, whether you’re hosting one large website or multiple smaller ones.


Easy to Expand

If you need to upgrade your server environment because you require more resources, you can send us a ticket. There is no need to transfer files. We can help with the upgrade and it often finishes within a few minutes.


Multiple Data Centers

We have data centers in Texas, Colorado, Missouri. This ensures maximum reliability and minimum latency across the states. Choose the data center closest to your target audience location and enjoy unparalleled hosting services.


DDoS Protection

Your virtual server will be built-in advanced DDoS protection. The automated backups and live snapshots will let you restore your site immediately if it ever goes down, and a dedicated IP for your VPS server would further enhance security in general.


Easy to Manage

All VPS for sale come with a user-friendly control panel for easy VPS server management. Keep track of all your resources live through the dashboard, and make necessary adjustments as you go.

FAQs of USA Dedicated Server

What questions people are asking about our USA Dedicated Server

Why should I buy USA Dedicated Server From HomeRDP?

We provide Full Root Admin Access, Non-Shared  USA Dedicated Server with 99.9% Service Uptime, Stable IP, Unlimited Premium B/W and Anti-DDoS Pro [Upto 10Gbps].

Do You Accept Payment via Paypal or Credit Card?

Yes, We Accept Payment via Both Paypal and Credit Card. You just need to give a small One Time verification.

Do you have RDP for running Android Emulator?

Yes, We have Bluestacks RDP For running Android Emulator.

Can I Use Bot On this USA Dedicated Server?

NO, We have a Dedicated Botting RDP For running Bots.

Do You Provide dedicated control panel?

 Yes, We provide a free Control Panel, to control your RDP Hardware(Restart, Shutdown, Reinstall, Reset the Password, and more features) with no additional setup fees.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, we have 48 hours Refund Policy.

* No Refund On Any Admin Access Category Plans like Private Plans/Dedicated RDP Plans. Read The Refund Policy Here.

After payment How much time it will take to get the Server Details?

You will get your login details Within 12- 24 hours once the payment will be confirmed by our Billing Department.

Can I use Mining in this USA Dedicated Server?

Sorry, Mining is strictly not allowed in this USA Dedicated Server.

Shaw Lockie

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Almost for 3 years, I’m using their USA dedicated server for my office work. Received the login details within 30 mins, good speed, and service. Especially I really enjoyed their USA Dedicated Server with the best speed for my office project and the surprise for me for the free windows setup, really enjoyed it. Recommended to all my friends. Love the Service

Osborne Quentin

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Well-maintained servers and the configuration of servers are as promised. “instant support” and “instant maintenance” at an affordable price and exceptional time. The speed of the RDP is incredible. I am a reseller and buy many RDP for resale purposes. A lot of my customers are happy using these RDP. I, Myself using their USA Dedicated Server for the last 7 months. Thank You Homerdp for such great support.

Coby Carver

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I have been a regular customer of Homerdp for over 6 months now. I have purchased their USA Dedicated Server with Full root admin access, non-shared. Whenever there are any issues, I immediately ping them on their live chat support, their staffs are quick to respond and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Homerdp to anyone who is interested in using RDP and want to enjoy a loveable service. Hands down the best provider I have worked with thus far.

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