Frequently Asked Questions

Users are requested to read the FAQ section thoroughly as most of the queries are solved via FAQ Section itself, and does not require additional support.

General Questions

What is a Shared RDP?

Shared RDP Account or Remote Desktop Shared Account is a standard user account provided in a remote server having decent hardware configuration. Each RDP Server is shared among ~10 remote desktop accounts. You don’t get administrator access in the server but we do make changes or install the software that you require. All the work you do in your RDP Account are 100% private and we assign 100% private disk to each users, Example of such plans are Cheap RDP, Startup RDP, Encoding RDP, Streaming RDP, 10GBPS Shared RDP, GPU RDP & Extreme Encoding RDP.

What is a VPS ?

In VPS or Virtual Private Servers resources are not shared but reserved for each user. VPS comes with full administrator access. You can install software configure the server as per your wish. Windows VPS can be accessed via Remote Desktop Client app. VPS also Knows Private RDP as they have same feature and configuration.

Which is better RDP Account or VPS ?
That totally depends on your needs. If you want to host websites or want complete control of the Server, you should probably go for VPS. If you want shared server with high configuration and without administrator access you should go for RDP Account. (Custom Softwares will also installed*)
How to connect to RDP Acc./ WinVPS Server ?
To connect use the Remote Desktop Connection Tool, Once opened enter the IP/Name provided in the email into the Host/Computer field and click connect, after that you will be asked for login credentials, enter them and you will be connected.

Windows Vista / 7 : Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.

For XP : Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
Note : XP users must install this update.

Mac OSX : Download and install this software to connect.

How to connect to RDP Server on Windows Phone or Android ?
Yes, you can. Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows Phone and Remote Desktop Application for Android.

Windows RDP

Can I get any other OS in RDP Plans?
No, Windows RDP have Windows Server 2012 x64 Standard installed, if you want Operating System other than Server 2012 then have a look at our Netherlands VPS Plans.
Windows RDP comes with administrator access ?
No, Windows RDP does not comes with Administrator access (Custom Softwares will be installed* on request). If you want RDP with Administrator Access you need to check out our Windows VPS Plans.
Which kind of software are not allowed ?
Webserver Software like xampp, wampp will not be installed in our RDP Servers. High Defination Video editing, encoding, Ripping software are also not allowed. You are not allowed to use hacking tools such as Bruteforcing tools, Port Scanning (nmap). All kinds of resource intensive software are also not allowed.
Can I install software in RDP Plans or use portable tools ?
You will have to create a ticket for asking the software to be installed. Yes, you can use portable software without any issue.
What is the setup time of Windows RDP Account ?
You will get your RDP Login details generally within minutes or hours, but in some cases it might take upto 12Hours.
How my data are stored ?
You will get a separate storage drive with your windows RDP Account which can only be accessed by you. The size of store drive will depend on the RDP Plan you ordered.
Note :There might be some inaccuracy in the storage drive size for example If you ordered 100GB you might get 99GB or 99.7GB of exact Storage Space.
How much bandwidth I will get ?
All our RDP Plans comes with unlimited Bandwidth, you can use as much bandwidth as you want.
Do you allow Encoding/Ripping ?
No, We don’t sell Encoding / Ripping RDP Servers, you cannot do encoding.
Do you allow BitCoing Mining ?
BitCoin Mining is not allowed in RDP, but you can do Mining in Windows VPS Plans without any issue.
Is IP Shared among users ?
Yes, IP is shared amount the users who are on the same RDP Server. If you want dedicated IP you need to look for VPS Plans.
Can I host Websites on RDP Plans ?
No, You cannot host websites on RDP Plans. All Remote Desktop Plans are used for personal work / browsing / transferring large files etc.. If you want to host websites you may need to check out our Linux and Windows VPS Plans.
Can I change the IP of the server via VPN or Proxy ?
No, VPN software / tools are not allowed in any of the RDP Plans, However you can change the IP via proxy. If you want to change IP via VPN you may need to check out our Windows VPS Plans.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS have administrator access ?
Yes, Windows VPS comes with full administrator access. You can install the software you want.
Can I do encoding / Ripping / BitCoin Mining ?
Yes, you can do encoding / ripping / BitCoing Mining in your VPS Plans
Can I reboot my VPS whenever I want ?
Yes, you can reboot your windows VPS whenever you want.
Can I host website in Windows VPS ?
Yes, Windows VPS can be used to host websites


Which Payment methods do you accept ?

We accept all major payment methods like PayPal, Payeer, Perfect Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, Alt Coins(ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, USDT), Instamojo, PaYTM. We also accept Bank Transfer or NEFT (India Only).

Which currency do you accept ?
We accept all payments in USD($) from our website. For Indian Bank Transfer we also accept INR( ₹ )
Do you have refund policy ?
Yes, We follow very strict rules for Refunds. Here is our Refund Policy.
I opened a dispute without contacting the staffs, Now ?
Opening dispute without any reason or even opening dispute after using our services in order to get your money back will not help. Doing so will result in money not being refunded and RDP/VPS will also get terminated.
You agreed to follow our ToS and Refund Policy during payment, hence Refunds will only be made based on our Refund Policy.

Not getting right answer?

If you tried but our FAQ Section didn’t answered your question then you can contact us anytime. 99RDP support will get in touch with you.