How Use Smartphone (Android OS) to connect RDP

Saurabh Suman

Microsoft has developed a protocol called RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol for communication and remote control of its Windows products. A remote desktop connection capable users to connect a Windows Server/Client in a different location through their own devices like , MAC ,Linux, Windows, IOS, Android. In this article, we intend to serve you by teaching you how to connect to a Windows virtual server to an Android smartphone.

Android RDP

Microsoft has distributed an RDP application for Android to connect a Windows device Through Android. here we can see That how to connect RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) with android step by step:-

Screenshot 23 1

How to connect to a Windows remote desktop with Android

  1. First Install the Remote Desktop Client.
  2. Download RD Client From App Store.
  3. Here is App store Link – Remote Desktop 8
  4. Launch RD Client from your apps list.
  5. Use the Plus button and click on Desktop to add a new remote connection.
  6. If the remote server is in the same network as you are, you will see the device name in the “Desktop Detection” list
  7. if not, click on Add Manually.
  8. Put the remote server’s IP/hostname on the “PC name” field
  9. Write the username in the “User name” field, and Save the connection.
  10. Note: Here we use an example IP address (, when you buy RDP, the provider will send you real and public IP address of the service.
Android RDP

6. Click on the Connection in the list that we made.

7. If the connection goes successfully to the remote pc, it will ask for “Password”

8. Now enter the password, and press Connect.

8. To disconnect from the RDP connection, use the options menu on top and close the preferred session.

Android RDP

This is the way through which you know how to manage your Windows tasks on an RDP server through your Android phone remotely.